When it Comes to Jews Mairead is no Peace-Lover / Ben Dror Yemini

We must not mistake her: The Nobel peace prize laureate is no “peace activist.” She identifies in absolute terms with Hamas, despite the fact that she knows that it is an anti-Semitic organization that has insisted on continued violence, openly preaches for the annihilation of the Jews and supports global jihad and the Islamic conquest of the entire free world.

I am merely worried about the children of Gaza, said Nobel peace prize laureate Mairead Corrigan Maguire in court, and we almost wanted to send her flowers. Worry about the fate of children, as such, is important. But Maguire couldn’t resist the temptation and said: I swore to myself during a visit to the concentration camps that I would never be silent in the face of suffering children.

The penny dropped. There are millions of children in Asia and Africa who are crying for help. They are being murdered. They are being pressed into military service against their will. They are being used as slaves. Maguire takes no interest in them. She has not demonstrated on their behalf and she has not acted on their behalf. She has just one thing that she is interested in doing: Comparing Israel to the Nazis. This wasn’t the first time that she has given voice to this despicable comparison.

Read the rest from Ben-Dror Yemini, Senior Writer, Maariv Daily Newspaper in Israel October 4, 2010

Permissin from Yemini

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