Who Are the Anti - Israel People Who Come to Protest at Ben Gurion Air- Port / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

April 11 2012
Read what honest Palestinian Journalists have to say on the Israeli – Palestinian conflict(see below ).

What these people really campaign for?
Mazin Qumsiyah is a Palestinian academia person. He is accusing Israel for the following reasons:
*Israel started as a British Colonian Project
*Israel is a Nazi regime
*Israel is an Apartheid regime
Mr. Qumsiyah is therefore against a 2 state solution. He is campaigning for the elimination of the Jewish state and replacing it with a Palestinian state from the Mediterranean to the Jordan River. Unlike other people – only Jews have no right for a state.

Everyone who knows history and is well informed on current issues knows that all his accusations have no ground.

Israel is a result of the persecution of Jews in Europe for hundreds of years that brought Jews to the conclusion to form a national movement, called Zionism, in order to go back to their homeland, the Land of Israel, from which they were forced to leave by the policy of colonization and hellenization of Roman Imperialism.

The Romans conquered the Jewish state and continued the policy started by the Hellenistic rulers of Egypt and Syria, who had occupied the land of Israel before, and encouraged people from Greece, Macedonia and other people in the Hellenistic world to settle in Israel. They formed cities and got from the Hellenist rulers territories around the cities from which Jewish farmers were expelled from their land or became tenants on their own land. The Romans formed about 30 such cities and divided most of the country between these cities.

The Jews revolted several times against the Roman occupation and as a result the Jewish population of about 2,000,000 was reduced to about 150,000, while the Hellenistic population grew to 1,500,000. Many Jewish fighters were killed and many more became prisoners of war and were sold to slavery in slave markets around the Roman Empire. Many children and women were massacred or sold into slavery and the rest ran away because of the killing and religious persecution.

The Zionist movement historical right for a homeland in the land of Israel, whose name was changed to Palestine by the Romans, was recognized by the League of Nation after First World War. This right was recognized again by the United Nation after Second World War in 1947.

In short, Israel is not a British Project but an international project.

The so called Palestine was never an Arab/ Palestinian state.
After the Jews lost their majority, the Christians ( coverted Hellenists of different origins, mostly, Syrian Aramites – not Arabs) became the majority in the 4th century CE and remained the greatest ethnic – religious group until the 14th century CE.

The Arab group numbered only about 80,000 in the 16th century CE, according to the Ottoman census. The largest Arab immigration to Palestine was from the 1870's to 1945. They were immigrant workers who entered the country illegally, to take advantage of the economic development created by the Zionist movement and British rule.

Since the Arabs who immigrated to Palestine as immigrant workers refused to accept the international resolutions, the U.N decided to divide the country into 2 states: a Jewish and an Arab state. The Jews agreed to give up part of their homeland in order to put an end to the war between Jews and Arabs.

But, the Arabs have never agreed to put an end to the war against the Jewish state. They were not interested in a 2 state solution, but in the destruction of the Jewish state.

This war has been going on since 1919 until today.

The Palestinians are Arabs who formed a national movement only around the middle of the 1960's. Their charter calls until today for the destruction of Israel and replacing it with a Palestinian state.
They are engaged in an international campaign of lies about the past of the country and are working to demonize and delegitimate the Jewish state.

The refugees problem is the result of their attack of Israel in 1947/8 in order "to throw the Jews into the sea." Read what aPalestinian journalist says about it:

The occupation of the West Bank is the result of another attack against Israel in 1967.

The Palestinians rejected already 7 opportunities to have a state only because they prefer to fight for the elimination of the Jewish state.
1936 – The Peel Committee proposed a 2 state solution. The Jews agreed – they refused.
1947 – The U.N decided on a 2 state solution.The Jews agreed, they refused.
1948 – 1967 – the West Bank and Gaza Strip were under Arab rule. Why they never demanded a state then.
1967 – Israel proposed "land for peace" after it was attacked in 1967 and conquered these territories. The Palestinians rejected the proposal and continued with terror.
After the Palestinians promised at Oslo they were ready for a 2 state solution they rejected 2 more proposals:
2000 – The Clinton – Barak proposal
2008 – The Ulmert proposal
Now, they refuse to talk because Israel refuses to another freeze of settlement building, after they did not talk during 9 months of freeze.
The reason:
A Palestinian journalist wrote an article in which he wrote that the Palestinians don't want 2 states but still dream to eliminate
The settlements are only an accuse for refusing to talk since 2010.
Until 1967 there were no settlements.
The 2000 and 2008 proposals included a fair solution of the settlement issue: an Israeli territory as compensation.

Third, Israel is not an Apartheid state, says a Palestinian

Fourth: Israel is not a Nazi regime, says a Palestinian journalist:Israel is "the good enemy"

To conclude; Mazin Qumsiyah is a lier, who learned from the NAZIS that if you say a lie 1,000 times people begin to believe it’s the truth. He is engaged in "The Hate Business"

Read the truth about the BDS campaign:

A note to people from the West:
Are you aware of the results of you support:

9,0000 Syrian and 50,000 Tibetians were killed. No Protest

The PRO - palestinian organizations are an example of hypocracy and antisemitism:
No protest at Syrian air - port for the killing of 9,000 civilians.
No protest at China ai - port for the Tibet occupation since the 1950's and the killing of thousands of Tibetians.

The obsession against Israel is nothing but antisemitism.

The Palestinians rejected 7 proposals to get a state because they are interested in the destruction of the Jewish state - not in peace.

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