WJC - North - America Applauds Canadian Opposition to Palestinian Unilateralism

13 July 2011
The World Jewish Congress-North America has applauded Canada's decision to oppose the Palestinian effort to gain recognition as an independent state via a unilateral declaration of independence at the United Nations. “The World Jewish Congress-North America praises Canada’s stance on the Palestinian Authority’s effort to unilaterally declare an independent state, in contravention to UN resolutions and to all former agreements between Israel and the Palestinian Authority,” said Evelyn Sommer, chairwoman of the WJC's regional affiliate in North America.

“As well, this effort is a mistaken approach, Instead of strengthening the possibility of a genuine and lasting peace, it exacerbates the situation and threatens to deepen the conflict instead of contributing to a resolution. Although the government of Israel has repeatedly called upon the Palestinian Authority to immediately come to the table to restart negotiations, the Palestinian Authority has refused to act responsibly and engage in peace talks,” Sommer said.

“The international community must discourage this attempt to yet again undermine the peace talks and to avoid the opportunities to form an agreement that will assure peace and security. The United Nations should not succumb to a gambit that will only result in a serious setback in the peace process,” she added. “Canada has consistently acted responsibly as a member state in the United Nations and continues to set an example for all other member states. We praise Canada’s principled stance and urge other United Nations member states to follow suit,” said Sommer.

According to CBC and the 'Toronto Star' newspaper, a spokesman for Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird indicated earlier this week that Canada would oppose the Palestinian Authority's bid for statehood. A vote at the UN is expected in September. Spokesman Chris Day said: "The only solution to this conflict is one negotiated between and agreed to by the two parties." He added that "one of the states must be a Jewish state and recognized as such, while the Palestinian state is to be a non-militarized one."

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