The World's, HRO and UN Double Standards / DR.Rivka Shpak Lissak

Israel has been continually blamed for holding the poor Palestinians in Gaza Strip under Siege. Israel is constantly being blamed for starving innocent people in Gaza, denying them food and medicine supplies.

The "good people" of various Organizations of Human Rights have tried time and again to save the poor people of Gaza by breaking trough the siege and bring food and medicine supplies. But, the "cruel and inhuman Israel," who has no compassion towards the suffering people of Gaza denied them access.

The world media and HRO ignore the fact that there is a state of war between Israel and the Hamas who controls Gaza. The Hamas openly declares its goal is to destroy Israel and eliminate the Jewish state.
Israel does not occupy the Gaza Strip since August 2006, when the last Israeli soldier left the Gaza Strip, all settlements were destroyed and their residents were moved back to Israel.

Israel closed its borders with Gaza, because, despite of the fact that Gaza is not under Israeli occupation, the Hamas and other terrorist organizations in Gaza have been targeting the gates between Israel and Gaza, killing Palestinians on their way to Israel for work and hospital treatment, and Israeli civilians, with thousands of rockets since August 2006.

But, the world refuses to free Israel from "its so- called human obligations" towards the people of Gaza. And Israel yielded to UN pressures and has been sending food supplies and medicine to Gaza on a daily basis, even during "Operation Gaza". But, the world media and HRO ignore that fact and are keeping accusing Israel for denying food and medicine supplies from Gaza.

But, while Israel is being blamed for the situation in Gaza, Egypt is being neither blamed nor accused for keeping its border with Gaza closed. Egypt does not recognize the occupation of Gaza by the Hamas and no food or medicine supplies are sent from Egypt or any other Arab state to their poor brothers of Gaza.

Egypt not only refuses to hold its border open, but is building a massive border fence between Egypt and Gaza, and the Hamas has been shooting at Egyptian workers working on the fence and an Egyptian soldier was already been killed.

Israel built a fence with the Palestinian Authority to protect its citizens from being murdered by Palestinian human bombers, and the UN, Human Rights Organizations and the world media accused Israel for building the fence. Israel was even brought to trail before the Hague tribunal who found it guilty and ordered to destroy the fence.

No such accusation is being made against Egypt or any other country who built a fence to protect its citizens from terrorist attacks.

Moreover, Egypt had denied a delegation of "the better people" who brought food and medicine supplies, from entering Gaza. Unlike the world media angry respond to Israel's refusal to let such a delegation enter Gaza, no angry respond has been raised after the Egyptian refusal to let the delegation enter Gaza.

Does the world media tell the world that Egypt accused the Hamas for being responsible for the siege?

Did the world media tell the world that the Egyptian press accused the Hamas for "starving the people of Gaza only to remain in power?" Hamas is also accused for caring more for the interests of Iran than for the interests of the people of Gaza. The Hamas is called, a gang, in the Egyptian press. Its leaders are blamed for controlling Gaza by "iron and fire", and also for "dressing themselves with furs while their people are shivering of cold."

And above all, Egypt is accusing the Hamas for the uselessness of targeting Israelis with their rockets and warns its leaders from provoking Israel.

In short, Israel has become the scapegoat of the world. No one blamed Turkey for killing 37,000 Kurds, not long ago, or for killing about 2,000,000 Armenians during First World War. No one blamed Russia for its brutal war against Chechnia. But, Israel is accused of war crimes for defending its citizens from Hamas attacks. The Goldston Committee refused to recognize the fact that the Hamas, a terrorist gang, used Palestinian citizens as war shields and is responsible for civilian casulties during "Operation Gaza", and accused Israel instead.

Israel is the victims of the world's double standards.

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