You Can't Spell "Chutzpah" Without "PA"/ Prof.B.Rubin

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
You Can’t Spell “Chutzpah” Without “PA” (Palestinian Authority)
The Palestinian Authority (PA) has refused to condemn an attack on Israel from Egypt by an al-Qaida affiliate group that killed eight Israelis. The PA is also going to the UN to get support for a unilateral declaration of independence that violates every agreement it reached with Israel since 1993. The PA leader, Mahmoud Abbas, has said that even if Palestinians get an independent state they will continue to demand that millions of Palestinian Arabs must be allowed to go live in Israel so they can turn that into a Muslim Arab state.

Oh, and even when the PA declares that it is a Muslim Arab state (as it says in the PA Constitution) that it will refuse to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. And on September 20, the PA is organizing massive anti-Israel demonstrations that will probably lead to violence. Did I mention that the PA is currently in partnership with Hamas—even though that isn’t working out so well—which regularly attacks Israel with rockets and mortars, as well as declaring that it’s going to kill all the Jews?

But, wait! The PA needs money! So what does it do?

Why, of course it goes to Israel and asks for money! Specifically, it requested that Israel move up the turnover of the $105 million in tax revenues Israel has collected on imports. Not just pay the money, mind you, but pay it sooner than required! The PA took out a short-term bank loan on the assumption that this would happen since Israeli civil servants in the finance and defense ministries recommended it be done. Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said, “No.”

The nerve! Now, according to previous agreements that Israel and the PA have made, Israel is supposed to give the money to the PA. But it is under no obligation to give the money ahead of schedule. Moreover, the PA is denouncing these same agreements which require, for example, that the PA stop incitement to murder Israelis; arrest those planning to commit terror attacks or who have done so; and negotiate in good faith toward a compromise peace.

The PA wanted to pay salaries for its personnel (including those in prison for murdering Israelis and for those living in the Gaza Strip, whose payment would pump money into the Hamas-ruled statelet that is attacking Israel on a regular basis).

And one might ask what has happened to the billions of dollars in international aid, a higher per capita payment than any other political entity has received in the history of the planet earth?

Let me dramatize the situation for you:

Hi! I know I’m in partnership with a group at war with you; am inciting my people and teaching my children to murder you, am refusing to negotiate with you, have stolen most of the money I’ve received in foreign aid, which is why I’m broke, am rejecting and breaking the agreements on which your obligation to pay me rest; am going to the UN to get international support for breaking the previous agreements I’ve made with you; am lying about you every day (a PA minister has just accused Israel of stealing organs); am seeking an outcome in which I can then wipe you off the map; and using the money you would be giving me to pay people who have murdered your citizens….

BUT can you move up your payment of money to me as a favor?

This is the absurdity of the Israel-Palestinian issue, whose reality is never reflected in the Western mass media.

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